Monday, 21 January 2013

A worthwhile New Years resolution!

Belated Happy New Year to everybody. After a spending a lovely Christmas and New Year with my family in the UK we are back in Vallecorvo, Abruzzo planning our adventures for 2013. 

So where to start? I guess with my New Year's resolution. Normally it would be something like get fit again, lose that extra baby weight that I have held on to for nearing four years now. But this year my New Year's resolution is almost the antithesis to both of these things:

 This year I am going to make a lot more cakes and puddings. Now if you ask me, that is the kind of resolution worth keeping and so far I am doing ok! We got back here on January 5th and I have made 
  • one chocolate cake, 
  • chocolate chip cookies, 
  • a treacle sponge with real Tate & Lyle golden syrup (which is a precious commodity in this house, saved only for real indulgence as I haven't found anywhere I can buy it here in Italy yet)
  • a victoria sponge using our home made peach jam
  • ginger bread men
...and for good measure I've also included a picture of the coffee and walnut cake I made my mum for her birthday, because I was very proud of it!!

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  1. Now that's a resolution I like! That Victoria sponge looks yum!