Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The environmental bit!

Regular readers of this blog may remember that back in October I posted about going Eco in Abruzzo. Part of our plan when moving to a house in the Italian countryside was to become both more self sufficient and more eco-friendly.

So far, our major achievement has been the fitting of the solar hot water (which is an absolute triumph!) and it has provided us with huge amounts of sun powered hot water since it was installed! We have our five chickens laying their organic free range eggs, we had a successful organic veg patch last year and are still eating the fruits of our labour from the jars of fruit and jam plus the veggies in the garden.
Mmm - Borlotti!
Pumpkins & squash

We are making our own compost, our central heating is run on 100% ecological wood pellets and we have fitted the 89% efficient wood burner in the lounge for that bit of extra comfort(again wood burners are much more environmentally friendly than most standard forms of energy, being one of the few carbon neutral fuels-ok, environmental science lesson over!). Up until the end of November we took the boys to school and picked them up on the bikes almost every day. I am still cycling to work on average 3 times a week. All of these things help to reduce our carbon footprint.

We will continue to look at ways of improving our green credentials, although Dougie has drawn the line at a compost toilet! Any suggestions welcome!


  1. Nice one guys!
    I'm loving my bokashi (compost) bin here in the city - hard to do much more in a rental. How're the panels helping in winter? Do you collect rainwater?

  2. Hi Sue, Panels are doing really well in the winter. We estimate getting 50 to 60% of our hot water from them through Dec, Jan & Feb.
    Unfortunately, we didn't have room for our water butt on the lorry when we moved, so no rainwater collection happening yet at this house. It worked really well though when we lived in Wittering! Also, there is a small stream that runs down the back of our house, so we have been using that for the chickens water and feed over the winter months. Hope the bokashi is still going well...ever thought about a wormery?!!

  3. Well done! Wish more people did the same thing. :)