Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Arrampicata! Sulmona Climbing Club.

In summer 2012, after several years of wondering whether there was any climbing in Sulmona and drawing a blank from most of my enquiries, quite by chance we discovered the Sulmona climbing club. What's more, we were even more impressed when we discovered it also had a funky bar on the side!!

Since September Jake has been going to climbing lessons twice a week and loves it, and mum (me)has been on the odd occasion too. What started as a way for Jake to integrate with other kids his own age in a less formal setting than school has now become a bit of a passion! Here are some photos of him 'doing his thang!' 
As of last week, the climbing club as we know it closed. It is re-opening in a different part of Sulmona in 8 weeks time. I want to wish Luca the very best of luck for the move and we look forward to trying out the new walls soon!! 

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