Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Climbing fund raising mountains! The first steps.

Quick-Fundraising-Tips-ThanksI am pleased to announce I have climbed my own first fundraising mountain. Yes, I have started a mission to raise funds for Josh's preschool that goes beyond the Italian standard of parents just handing over their hard earned cash week in, week out.

You would not believe what a big deal this was for me. Fund raising initiatives, whilst common place in UK schools and preschools, seem almost unheard of here in Abruzzo. I was extremely nervous about starting this project as I didn't want the other parents to label me as the Brit do-gooder, interfering with my fancy ideas. I didn't know who to ask for advice, who to turn to for support, who I needed to speak to for permission...but then again, it hadn't been done before, so nor did anyone else!!

Just seeing what an amazing job the parents and staff at Dartmouth preschool do though, I knew so much more could be done here and this spurred me on. I fought my fear of being laughed off the school grounds and went for it

So, I am officially raising funds. My path is laid...

 I started small - in the run up to Christmas we sold tea towels with self-portraits of the children on them.

Never before seen here, it was received well...even with enthusiasm, and I was humbled to get thanks from the parents and staff for my efforts. I am proud to say that we raised €110 for educational toys for the preschool with our first foray into the fundraising quagmire!

I have lots of ideas of where this could go next with the support of the other parents (who have also become good friends over the last few months) and despite the economic difficulties the people in this region face every day, I can honestly say we are lucky to be surrounded by amazingly generous, kind hearted people who go out of their way to help you when you need it.

My question now is what will be step 2? Is this first mountain to become just the foothills?

Share your fundraising ideas with me and who knows where it could take us! I'll keep you posted along the way.

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