Monday, 31 March 2014

The climbing wall is finished!

The Easy Bit
Six days, a lot of measuring, drilling, hammering, lifting, painting and screwing and we have ourselves a fantastic climbing wall in our garage! But not just any old climbing wall, no...ours is an adjustable, tilting climbing wall...well, you know us by now, why do things the easy way!

In line with our efforts of putting everything to good use and reducing the amount of waste we create, the wall has used two old scaffolding poles we had lying around, left behind by the previous owners, to create the hinge and some bits of wood left over from building a partition wall in the cantina.

We would also like to say a big THANK YOU to Mick Cooke and the team at Entre Prises UK for their help for us climbing wall building novices. They thought of everything regarding the holds for our wall and their amazing speedy service was second to none.

The following photos show from the first framework going up to the end result - our very own tiltable climbing wall.

Enjoy...and come and climb...

The Centre Panel - Part 1 done...Parts 2 & 3 to go!

Just not enough power tools being used - get the grinder out too!

199 holes drilled...only another 140 to go!

Precision carpentry at its best!

And 199 T-Nuts hammered can guess the rest.

Hoorah (or phew!) works!

The highly technical threaded bar!!

The recycled scaffolding pole hinge

I'm sure the garage wall is strong enough to take it!

Part 2 painted while the man of the house works on part 3.

Ok - so it's all up.
So where do we put these then?
The exciting bit!
And it becomes a family affair!

Well, I had to try it didn't I?
The finished item!

Finally all the boys get a go.

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