Thursday, 13 September 2012

The first day of School.

All smiles...little did they know!!
Still smiling
Jake off like a rocket

The traditional Italian 'Grembiule'

The boys' new school
Mama Mia! Today was by far the most stressful and emotional day of our time here ever. Heating breaking down when it is minus 6 outside, no running water because it has been so cold even the underground mains pipe has frozen, fire in the pellet boiler 30 minutes before guests arrive to rent the apartment...none of this has even a patch on today's major event of taking the boys to school in Italy for the first time. Dougie and I both felt sick walking up the hill to school, and then even sicker when we left the boys in their respective classrooms. I had abandoned my beautiful children, both of whom I had spent years protecting and nurturing, into a world where they knew no-one and couldn't even ask the most basic questions. At that moment and for the few hours that followed, I  was the worst mum in the world. How did they cope I hear you was like water off a duck's back. For four and a half hours Dougie and I were emotional wrecks, while our children were blissfully unaware and just getting stuck in in this new and very alien environment. I have just two words to sum up how they were 'simply amazing'!!

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  1. I am so glad the boys enjoyed their first day at school, it must have been horrible for you both!!!
    Loving the Blog and photos xx