Friday, 28 September 2012

Scuola and Peaches

The Peach Mountain
Aptly titled I feel, as the last week has been all about, well... school and peaches. For those of you novice farmers or preservers out there, now is the time for the late fruiting peaches and Dougie and I are 'experimenting' with different ways of peach preservation, including bottling, two different ways of freezing and, as was suggested to us at the end of last week, maybe we will even foray into drying (ooo how exciting I hear you cry!) More on the peaches shortly, but I feel I need to update you on the school 'situation' after my verbal outburst in my last but one post!

Josh has settled into his new preschool class unbelievably well. Each morning he looks for his little buddy Jacobo (pronounced Yacobo) and they chatter away to each other, Josh in English and Jacobo in Italian. Neither of them seems to notice or, more to the point, care that they don't understand each other. As us mothers of 3 year olds out there know, at 3 it is most definitely all about 'me,me,me!'

The School Run
The School Run
And so to Jake. Well, I am now on first name terms with Luigi, the school caretaker, who brings me a seat to sit on outside Jake's classroom every morning and then pops down 30 minutes later with a stand your spoon up in it treacle thick espresso coffee for me, each time reassuring me with 'its normal, its normal, don't worry he'll be fine in a few weeks'. Such a lovely man.

We have been leaving Jake a few minutes earlier each day, and day by day he is becoming less traumatised at the thought of being left. Although he still cries every day, he is crying for shorter lengths of time and seems resigned to the fact that he hasn't got a choice but to stay at school! We have (unlike some people I know that moved to a different area of Italy at Christmas) been overwhelmingly supported by the other parents. Each day they ask us how Jake is getting on and tell us everyday it will be fine in time...'Piano, Piano' is the mantra (slowly, slowly). It seems literally nothing is allowed to happen fast here in Italy - except perhaps the driving! 

Unfortunately, knowing Jake will be fine in a few weeks / a couple of months and that moving here is absolutely the best thing for us as a family in the long run, doesn't stop you feeling like the worst parent in the world for putting him through this! 

And so back to the peaches, we are inundated from every direction. We have such kind and generous neighbours that we have now managed to bottle up 15 litre jars of peaches to see us through the winter season. On top of this, we have more peaches than we can eat between us and they keep coming! More jam I hear you cry...well maybe we will do just that!!

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  1. Loving your adventures. Jake will be fine. You are giving the boys the most wonderful life. keep writing, in between peach preserving! So proud of you Reids XXXXX