Thursday, 11 October 2012

Going Eco in Abruzzo

Ok, so those of you who have been dedicated enough to read this blog from the beginning will know that back in July we were waiting...and waiting...and then waiting a bit more...for quotes to have solar panels fitted for our hot water. Finally, the waiting has paid off!!
To give you some background info ("no, please don't" I hear you cry!), for several years now I have wanted our family to pay more than just lip-service to doing our bit for the environment. Reduce, reuse, recycle has become a bit of a mantra in our house, although, usually used more tongue in cheek than seriously.
Part of our plan though, when moving here to Abruzzo, was to be both more self-sufficient and environmentally friendly, without having to compromise massively on our day to day comforts, if at all.

So, solar panels for hot water are part of our attempt to achieve our goal. Our current pellet boiler is carbon positive, so why change? Well, to be honest, it is a bit of a grind to have to clean out once a week and then relight the fire through the summer months, when it is 40 degrees outside and you are up to your armpits in soot, in a sweltering boiler shed that is just a few (!) degrees warmer then the outside air temperature!! Besides which, it is permanently running 24 hours a day, burning pellets, creating more heat, to provide for just a few showers and some hot water for washing dishes. Using solar instead for (we hope) 6 months of the year seems to us to be the logical option, particularly when the sky is set to 'default blue' here as our friends call it!

And so after somewhat of a palava, and only quotes from two out of the four companies we had asked (this is Italy after all - you can't expect much to happen in 3 months!) last Thursday was a very exciting day. The solar kit finally arrived! 

Just the fitting to go now then!

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