Sunday, 14 October 2012

Going Solar doesn't mean going smoothly!

And so the fitting of the solar panels has begun!! Luciano and his team of 1 arrived on Thursday morning, true to their word, to start work on fitting the solar panels. Somewhere though, there had been a 'breakdown in communication' as he turned up while we were still on the school run at 8.30! (I am sure he had said 9.30). So, they started around 9.00 a.m., knocked off for lunch at 12.00, came back at 3 (with a different team of one, who was apparently the brother of the morning assistant!)  and finished up for the day at 5! In that time the frame for the panels went up and...well I'm not sure what else!

Friday, 8.30 start and our first day of pouring rain for weeks. Unexpected power failure in the house by 9.30 and the next ten hours wondering what on earth had happened, all the while Luciano and assistant number 1 continue working from the rigged up extension lead running from the apartment (thank goodness we had mum and dad in there and not paying guests!).

So, the new 500L hot water tank is now safely installed in the shed and most of the new pipework in place. However, we had to call in the electrician (recommended by Luciano himself) and by 7 that evening we finally had power restored to the house.

Problem: The only way to restore power to the house is to isolate the electrical circuit in the boiler shed. The dodgy wiring has been disturbed by the new tank and pipework fit, causing a short somewhere. I think it is fair to say that the electrics in the boiler shed look like they were fitted by Frank Spencer.
Solution: rewire the boiler shed to bring it up to current standards at the bargain price of 600 Euros.

Hoorah, just what you need to hear to start off the weekend!! As for the solar panels, the installation should be finished by tomorrow, but without the electric to run the clever thermostatic stuff, well, we still won't be able to harness 'sun power'. When can the electrician come to do the work?...well I'm sure that will be a whole other story!!

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