Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Highlights of 2015 #3 - Me and number 1 son!

A really special day for me on the last day of January, I loved this day and spending some rare one to one time with my big boy! The littler one was poorly (boo hoo), but Dad did the nursing duties while Jake and I snuck off to the slopes to ski. Just remembering his excitement going on the super long chairlift, getting his confidence on skis, big pasta lunch in the lovely little mountain hut above Scanno at Monte Rotondo and his tired, glowing, happy face as dusk came and we headed to the car are memories that will always be precious...

Snow Fun Time

Spectacular Chair Lift Views

Up to the top we go!

Short work of the spaghetti!

Afternoon Ski

Winter Wonderland

Making little bro feel part of it!

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