Sunday, 18 September 2016

Highlights of 2015 #5 - Community spirit at its best

Ecological day in our comune means literally getting your hands dirty. What a great time we had meeting neighbours and cleaning up our community at the same time - I am still shocked by how much rubbish people dump, surely by 2015 most people have heard of a bin?

Like anything here in Abruzzo, time spent together is not truly time spent wisely unless it involves good food and wine at the end of it. Thank you Mr Mayor for personally inviting us along!

All picked up from the side of the road!

Team Casa Faiella/Vallecorvo

Still at it

Here comes the pasta!

The youngsters causing trouble again.

Seconds...don't mind if I do! 
The Kitchen Squad
Enough Sausages?
La Griglia
Mr Mayor among his people
W.I. - You'd be proud! 
The Coffee Boy

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