Friday, 30 September 2016

Hillwalking Heaven!

I thought it was time to make the most of the Autumn sunshine and the perfect conditions for tackling a mountain, so on Tuesday I headed up to the peak of Monte Mattone via Rifugio il Lago.

Sitting at 1515m alt it is not, by far, the highest mountain on our doorstep but the views are 360 degree spectacular and well worth the 900m+ climb. To top it off, I took with me my own personal mountain guide and author of the Cicerone guide Walking in Abruzzo (above), the formidable Mr Stuart Haines. Thank you Stuart for the company! Enjoy the photos...
In the footsteps of wolves...wolf pooh anyway!

Where we've come from.

Where we're headed.

Good view of the peak.

Nice spot for a bbq.

...or to fill up on water.

Rifugio Il Lago

The view!

The formidable Mr Haines!

At the summit cairn just to prove I did it!

Spot of sunbathing at 1400m+ anyone?!



Giant Funghi.

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